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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Superman is a Bills Fan!

Last weekend I went to Stan Lee's Comickaze here in Los Angeles, and I met Superman.

Like for reals.

Dean and Me.
And yes, I was dressed as Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness. 

You know how everyone has their favorite Doctor Who? Most Whovians are such fans that they even refer to their Doctor only by the number of Doctor they played. Many are huge fans 5, and some swear by 11, and others are like yeah, all of the Doctors are great, but come on, the 10 is THE Doctor. (Because he is.)  Well, the same could be said for Superman. All the Supermans are great, but everyone has their Superman. And my Superman will always be Dean Cain.

I am a huge fan of Lois and Clark, and during the run of the series I learned that Dean had gone into acting after a football injury while playing in the preseason for the Buffalo Bills. I grew up near Buffalo, and have been a Bills fan for as long as I can remember. Dean wrote several episodes of Lois and Clark, I noticed that he'd slip in the name of a Bills teammate every so often into the scripts. (To this day, I still get Larry Kinnebrew's name stuck in my head - I can see why that made one of the episodes!)

I had always hoped to meet Dean and ask him what year he was a Buffalo Bill, and what his jersey number was. I knew all the jersey numbers of the Bills for so many years - hell, I can't remember what 5 x 7 is in my multiplication tables, but I still remember Pete Metzelaars was #88.  What were the odds that the one year my family visited Bills Training Camp in Fredonia, NY was the year he happened to be there? Well last weekend at Comickaze I finally got to ask him that - and it turns out it was the same year!

I have pictures from that trip to Fredonia - six of them. The clearer ones are photos my dad took with his super-nice 35 mm camera, and the crappy ones are ones I took with my first camera ever - a Kodak 110 point and shoot. Most of mine were photos of wherever on the field Leonard Smith, Frank Reich or Bruce Smith happened to be, as they were my favorite players, and you can even see in these scans where I circled them in ballpoint pen on the prints. But I bet, somewhere in one of these photos, is Dean.

He asked me to tweet him the photos, but I'm tweeting him the link to this post instead, since there are six of them and I didn't want to over-tweet. I'm not very good at Twitter, really, though I try. I'm more of an Instagrammer.

It was so awesome to meet Dean, and fun to talk Buffalo Bills with him - I hope he enjoys these photos - if I can tweet it right.

So here you go, Dean!  Enjoy!  And thanks for being so awesome!!

Click on the photos individually to see them bigger.

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