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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stories From The Fridge

When friends and family come to visit, it is a true joy to open your home to them and share your bounty with warm and loving hearts.

According to

In the day of genteel manners and formal introductions, the exchange of calling cards was a social custom that was essential in developing friendships. The custom of carrying calling or visiting cards began in France in the early 1800's. It quickly spread throughout Europe, and then became vastly popular in the United States, especially the New England area from 1840-1900. Calling cards were carried primarily by the "well-to-do" ladies who made a point to go calling on friends and family on a specified day of the week or month, depending on their location and proximity to neighbors. The gracious reserve of a simple calling card is a gentle reminder of one's presence, and the care poured into a finely crafted card is a welcome courtesy.

I'm not sure that calling cards themselves are much used in this day and age, but our home has it's own breed of calling card that people leave with us after their visits: Magnetic Poetry. We have four editions of Magnetic Poetry on our fridge; Regular, Genius Edition, Wizard of Oz, and the STA Travel set. With this odd mix of sets, our friends and family have left an abundance of modern-day calling cards on our fridge. Here is a sampling of their creative wit.

Never shake crass drunk woman.

Beneath a sanguine moon, the wicked munchkins cry-d for blood.

So droll you are, with your turgid sausages.

They elaborated together with zeal, like a thousand verbose miscreants caterwauling together.

Beat the lazy fluffy hippie.

Auntie Em's diggity purple butt is tantamount to a nefarious symphony of lust.

Manipulate my mellifluous moment.

Space dog absconds with raw man parts.

Scream: Me want house!

Veil of the delirious goddess: Chocolate time is gone - say in love with the TV.

I have a waxing urge to frantic-ly smear my down under drool over your enormously pendulous and luscious breasts. Cheers!

Melting beauty never boors summer penguins.

Monkey hair makes my winkie sweat.

Sing storm - remember, must always drink up.

Happy lollipop. Always American.

We love the mooning.

Elucidate salient question that could gall vapid woman.

Language over the bitter spring finger.

Sad kids produce ridiculous dreams of great Kansas.

Crazy Dorothy had a broomstick and somewhere to expunge all the obtuse wizards from.

No more festivals sadness. Come Munchkinland, me & you.

Peach & Puppy rainbows, love.

Needless to say ... our friends and family are an interesting bunch!

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