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Monday, August 10, 2009

Natural Cheese.

Here's a little something I found at the grocery store:

Now, is it just me, or does it strike you as odd that this is being marketed as Natural Cheese? How grossly preservative-happy are we as a culture that Kraft has to promote a special line of cheese that hail the virtues of a food that's supposed to be natural in the first place?

Here's the shpiel from the Kraft Web site:

Kraft has Reinvented the Wheel

Kraft Natural Cheddar Cheese Made with 2% Milk
Introducing the scrumptious new standard in Cheddar. Our Kraft Natural Cheddar Cheese Made with 2% Milk now tastes just as delicious as regular Kraft Cheddar. Enjoy the new standard in Cheddar on a cracker or in your favorite recipe.

I TOTALLY think they should market all their other cheese as Unnatural cheese - it would be far more entertaining and less pathetic.

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