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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where did the Hazmat go?

Hello Interwebs, I'm still here!

I've been very busy of late, despite my unemployment. I have been using my unexpected free time productively, and besides looking for work, I have nearly completed a draft of a book that I've been writing! Yeah, I know - woah! I'm also working on a screenplay, because I'm a Gemini, and we can never have just one project on the table, now, can we? So that's where I've been writing, whilst my blog atrophies. I apologize!

Here are some things I've been thinking about in the meantime, having put notes in the mental filing cabinet for future bloggage.

First of all, dear Massachusetts drivers, might I just say that you all need to stop driving as if you are blindfolded in bumper cars while overcaffeinated and being attacked by killer bees. I'm not kidding. What is wrong with you? It's an epidemic! I nearly saw an old lady turn into roadkill the other day because the beeoytch in the BMW SUV on her cell phone was doing 60 in a 30 and blew through the crosswalk as if the old lady in the hot pink rain slicker was just a speed bump. She had to have seen the hot pink old lady - you could not miss her on a cloudy dark day in that rain slicker! But potential manslaugter was not as important to this driver as getting to the red light a block away 2 seconds faster. Everyone in this state needs to chill the eff out while driving. Nothing is that important to get to unless it involves a hospital emergency. And speaking of, pull the eff over when you see emergency vehicles with sirens and lights coming in your direction. I can't believe I have to tell you this! Have you no souls?

Now that I have my rant off my chest, I feel better. Thanks!

I got a bike for my birthday - that was rad! Thanks Bryan and Mom & Dad! I love it. I named it Berta. (I name things, so what? My car is Megara. My husband's car is Fizzgig. My computer is, uh, Mac.) I am too afraid of the drivers mentioned above to take it out on actual streets here, but luckily, I live near a bike path, so I have been tooling around on the bike path with it and it's great fun! (Speaking of the path, might I remind all you dog owners of this. If I hit a poo slick on my bike and eat pavement, I will find you.)

And saving the best for last: In big, exciting, awesome and totally freakin' rad Hazmat news, I am going to Comic-Con in San Diego this July! Expect a fun and anecdotal summary of my total geek experience here on Hazmat!

I'll be back to write more soon, promise. It won't be months this time. Might not even be weeks. I might even write tomorrow. You don't know!! So stay tuned!!

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