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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Night Martini Madness!

Perhaps you read Bryan's blog about our Wednesday Night Shenanigans?

Well, it's true.  Meghan, my neighbor, is here, and we decided to experiment with some drink concoctions while watching America's Next Top Model.  Why?  Because we're fierce.  That's why.

Our first experiment tasted great but looked like toilet.  It was black cherry vodka, vanilla vodka and ginger ale poured over a drizzle of chocolate sauce.  We called it Black Cherry Bike Path.

Our second drink was a mixture of ginger ale, gin, mango malibu, and maraschino cherry (juice and cherry) and we call it the Cherry Velure.  (Because Meghan is wearing the most awesome burgundy velure track suit I've ever seen tonight.)

A drink and a half into Martini Madness night, We aren't so much drunk as completely silly, thanks to the Photo Booth program on my mac.  Here's how it degenerated:

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