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Monday, March 23, 2009

Those People

Today's topic:
BufBloPoFo day 10: tell me who inspires you. Who is your hero?

I don't have one specific hero.  I'm inspired by a lot of people; My parents, because they are such good people, so loving and smart and dynamic. They are people to strive to be like. My sisters, who have both dedicated their lives to improving the quality of others lives. My husband, who is a dedicated journalist in an industry that is struggling to keep up with the times.  My friend Shelly inspires me - her very presence is full of love and life.  She strives to educate her community and world that Pagans are not what the common social stereotype makes them out to be.  My friend Meghan, who saves little lives on a daily basis and is full of drive and determination and a great sense of humor.  My friend Beth, who has endured a lot of sadness but still seeks her dreams with a smile, and saves animals along the way.   My friend Brian, a leukemia survivor who is more full of life than anyone I know, and is an incredible writing talent.  

This is just a small list - there are so many people in my life who have inspired me that I couldn't possibly name them all here. To me, anyone who has a streak of determination to overcome something - anything - difficult for them, and better themselves and the world around them - that inspires me. We aren't all put on this planet just to cloister ourselves away to await glory in Heaven. We're here to learn, to test ourselves, to explore our world and do our part to help out. I think if people would stop focusing on what makes us all different, and think instead about what we all have in common, this world would not be so full of strife.  Call me an idealist, but really, would you choose hate over love if it were coming your way?  

And since you're reading this - be a hero and click that purple link box on the upper right of this page.  It will take you two seconds, promise.

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