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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Today is a rare day where we have nothing planned, no errands to run, no reason to leave the apartment.  Today I will likely finish my spring cleaning - I have been hauling things out of closets and storage spaces and taking them to the Salvation Army.  Sometime this week will be my second run to the drop-off bins.  

I have been making a great effort to simplify our lives more.  We don't need a lot of the stuff we have - most of it is stuff that we have each dragged around with us since leaving home, or collected as hand-me downs.  I've made great progress with the closets - the guest room closet you can actually walk into at this point, and it's not supposed to be a walk-in.  I'm moving on to the hallway closet today.

It's nice to know there's not a mess behind the closet doors, under the bed, in the kitchen cupboards, in bins and baskets tucked away for storage here and there.  I've had it with clutter, and especially with dusting clutter.  Dusting is an Olympic sport in this apartment - I have never lived in a dustier place, and that's saying something, since one of my apartments in California had louvered windows and was right next to the 134 freeway.  

I think it's more than just spring cleaning that has got me fired up to de-clutter my life.  It probably has something to do with having the economy be out of control, and being unemployed.  I feel, by simplifying my surroundings that I am taking charge of something that is within my control.  I can't don my Viking helmet and go kick the asses of AIG executives (well, I suppose I could, but I'm not really keen on the idea of having a criminal record.)  And I haven't been able to just make a job magically materialize, though I have been trying my darndest.  But I can take my own place in this world and have it make sense.  I've also been exercising a lot more, and doing yoga.  I've been cooking healthier foods from scratch instead of preservative and high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden 'easier' foods.  I battle the crazy recession and unemployment stress and depression by doing what I can.  And the stuff I purge from our closets and dressers might go to help someone else who is struggling in this economic climate.  And hopefully, like the turning of winter to spring, the economy will start to warm up again soon.

Hey!  The sun just came out as I wrote that!  

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