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Monday, March 16, 2009

Step By Step

Today's topic over at the Royal Toybox for the BufBloPoFo is for me to tell you Step by Step how to do something.  So that's just what I'm going to do - tell you - Step by Step.
Oooh baby.
Gonna get to you giiiiiirl.
That's right - you know what I'm talking about. 

Step 1:  We can have lots of fun.

Friday, April 4, 2008, I blogged about THIS.  YES, the New Kids were reuniting!  So giddy was I that I called my best girl blockhead Karen and we pinky swore that we would go to see them in concert.  I was never allowed to go to a NKOTB concert when I was a teen - my parents seemed to think I'd get crushed in a stage rush or something.  So now that I had the chance as an adult, I was not going to miss it!

Step 2:  There's so much we can do.

This summer, the tickets went on Sale.  Karen was in charge of getting them because she had the magical AMEX card that would allow us access to different perks than just your average card user.  MAGICAL PERKS.  Seriously - Karen managed to be one of the 100 people who got the super awesome backstage meet and greet package for the show.  MEET. AND. GREET.  Do you realize the importance of those three words?  Not only were we going to the show, but we had guaranteed seats within the first 10 rows, and we got to - I will say it again - MEET AND GREET the New Kids before the show.  (Preteen squealy scream in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ...)

Step 3:  It's just you and me.

Karen flew into Boston for the concert - because, hey - it's the New Kids home turf and I live right here.  We knew that seeing them in Boston would be the most awesomest of anywhere. My husband was greatly relieved that he didn't have to be involved in any New Kids shenanigans, and stayed at home watching Smackdown that night instead.  So Karen and I got to the Boston Garden and were shuffled into the restaurant there for drinks, snacks, and the MEET AND GREET.  We were in a room of 100 other New Kids fans -  97 women, two guys, and a kid.  We snacked and drank our complimentary two glasses of wine while we waited for the 'Kids to arrive.  

And then, they did.


Step 4:  I can give you more.

Seriously.  We were in the same room as the New Kids.  I was 32 years old going on 13, only without the braces and the bad perm.  And Jordan Knight was 20 feet away from me. They split us up into groups of 10, and each group got a few minutes to go into a corralled off area with the New Kids and, you know, MEET AND GREET.  Then, they would take a big group photo and usher you out so the next group could come in.  We were group "G," so we were early on in the alphabet, and our turn came up quickly.  Karen was inarticulate as we inched closer to the roped off corral that the 'Kids waited in.  I just kept saying "Oh my god."  And then, they opened the ropes to group G.

The first thing I thought was that Jordan was the last one in the line and I had to get to the end of the line.  The second thing I thought was "Ow."  Karen had a death grip on my arm and was beelining for Donnie.  She let go of me as soon as he held out his arms to her for a hug.  I hugged Danny, and then turned around and Joe was in front of me so I hugged him.  I told him it was my first New Kids concert and I was so excited to see them and he said "Where the hell have you been?"  Then I turned around and Donnie was facing me, so I gave him a big hug and thanked him for being awesome.  I was just about to turn to Jon, who was next in line, when the bodyguard Robo told everyone to line up for the picture.  So we did.  Here it is! 

That's Karen in the New Kids sandwich between Donnie and Joe.  
And that's me next to Jon and three feet from Jordan ...

A moment after the picture was snapped, Robo announced that we needed to move out so the next group could come in.  But there was still three feet between me and where Jordan stood, and I hadn't gotten to meet my favorite New Kid yet!  He was the poster plastered all over my wall when I was a teen.  He was the one who would make me sigh wistfully when I would hear them sing or see them on TV.  He was also unbelievably good looking in person - he is handsome in pictures, but let me tell you, they don't do him credit.  WOW.  And I was not leaving until I got my hug.  He must have seen the panic on my face because he motioned me over to him and gave me a big hug.  All I could say was "Oh My God."  And he started cracking up!  At least I made him laugh.  Then we were shuffled out and went back to our tables on the promise that they would walk around to each table for individual pictures after all the groups had gotten through.

Well, Donnie and Joe did, anyway.  The rest of the guys left to go get ready for the show. So we did get some individual pictures with these two.  Notice the ridiculously giddy goofy looks on our faces!  Holy crap, we are touching Donnie and Joe!!!

Step 5:  Don't you know that the time has arrived?

So, after our MEET AND GREET, Karen and I went and found our seats ... 3rd row, almost center!  And finally - almost half a life since the first time I wanted to see them in concert, I got to see the New Kids.  And it was AWESOME.  

Here are some pics I took at the show:

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