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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I just realized the day is drawing to a close and I haven't blogged yet.  But alas, I have downed my mug of sleepytime tea and I am drowsy and ready for bed.  Too tired to form cohesive sentences. So instead, enjoy this wonderful tidbit of interwebby goodness, and I will catch up with a more thinky post tomorrow.  

Here's a funny story about Sha-Na-Na that my mom told me - I don't remember the actual occurrence, because I was really little (some time in the late 70's.) I LOOOOOVED Sha-Na-Na.  I watched it religiously and would dance to every musical number on the show.  I was a huge fan of Bowser (the guy with the deep voice.)  Well, as kids do, I humiliated my mom at K-Mart with a simple kid-like statement ... we were in line at the checkout, and there was a big, muscular woman in front of us with greasy hair.  And I pointed at her and said, loudly and with great glee -  "Look Mom!!  It's Bowser from Sha-Na-Na!"

The woman was not nearly as thrilled to be Bowser as I was!

Goodnight, everybody!

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