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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Razor Burned!

Today I ran out of shaving gel and razors - of course, the day it's nice out and I want to wear capri pants. So I borrowed a spare razor of my husband's, and some of his face shaving cream. And I discovered something ...

Ladies: the man is trying to hold us down.

I got the closest, best shave on my legs of my life, and no nicks! Even on my shins! Boys, try shaving your shins sometime. Better yet, try it with strawberry-scented shaving crap and a Shick - even the sound "shick" sounds like the slicing of flesh by a blade. Shick. Shick!

The Gillette Mach 3 and Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel are AMAZING. And marketed to men. WTF? How different is shaving under your chin from shaving the back of your knees? Or your shins? Or that soft spot behind your ankle bone that I have countless shaving scars on? Seriously - I have seen the light and I will not go back. The Venus razor has nothing on this Mach 3. And I don't need my shaving cream to smell like raspberries or mango or mountain rain - I just want to be razor burn and sliced-skin free. And I am.

So ladies - join the revolution!! Just in time for spring!! Don't let the man keep you down - steal his razors and be free!!

1 comment:

ryssee said...

Have been in a loving relationship with Mach 3 for several years. No nicks, no cuts, and a nice clean shave. But I gotta say, even with your recent revelation...get thee to the next-gen...Gillete Fusion, the one that needs the battery. Holy moly. Shave every other day in summer. I friggin' love this thing. And like Mach 3, the blades last for ages, or at least a month.
You are so right about girly shavers. I haven't used one since 1997!
PS came here by way of Universal Hub.