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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Most Embarrassing Moment

Yesterday's blog topic was a great bringing together of BufBloPoFo'ers.  We BufBloPoFo'ers visit each other's blogs throughout the fortnight, and then find ourselves revisiting these blogs throughout the rest of the year.  Yesterday's assignment, to blog about the blog below you in the blog-roll, offered us the opportunity to get to know our fellow BufBloPoFo participants a little better.  The blog above mine in Royal Toybox's blog roll is Phoeby and her Friends - a smart, funny, fantastic blog by Esther, who I haven't met but she seems totally rad. And it is also great to know that someone appreciates my blogging of the total goofy geekery of my husband and I, and reads my rants about rudeness in public places.   It's great to make your blog acquaintance!

As per today's official BufBloPoFo topic, she has asked a question for me to answer:  What is my most embarrassing moment?

That's hard to say.  I mean, I'm someone who has no problem donning a Viking helmet for any occasion, or dressing like a pirate and romping around in public.  I am kind of a ham, and I'm a big kid, and I love to make people laugh.  As long as I'm doing something funny, like improv or acting or wearing some sort of costume, I can do pretty much anything (short of wardrobe malfunctions - I don't go there) without getting embarrassed.

When I do get embarrassed is when I am just being me, out of costume, and put my foot in my mouth.  I tend to think something hilarious, and then have it totally translated wrong by the time it becomes spoken word.  It happens a lot.  My mind works faster than my vocal chords, and usually I have about ten thoughts from point A to point B, but only Point B comes out as an actual sentence.  So I often come off either scatterbrained, random, or irrelevant. Sometimes, it even comes off as offensive. Really, I've just thought faster and farther ahead in the conversation than the group, but I haven't shown my work.

Hope that's a sufficient answer!  Thanks for the question!

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