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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, Hazmat Fans everywhere:

Today begins the 2nd annual BufBloPoFo!

For the next two weeks, I will be blogging every day.  I can't promise it will all be groundbreaking work, but I can promise that if I will write every day.  Hell, last year I managed, and I had the flu for most of the two weeks!  (For last year's entries, see HERE. You have to go to the bottom entry and read upwards since that's how Blogger organizes things for me.  The Bill Cosby entry is still my favorite!)

So today's BufBloPoFo (this is really hard to say out loud, by the way.  Try it!) topic is supposed to be "What are the three most important things in your life right now?"  Well, I was going to blog about my hopes and dreams, but horrible Saturday morning cartoons has taken the wind out of those sails.  So guess what my topic is?

Bryan and I cut back to the most basic of basic cables to save some money. We get 14 channels - 5 network, 2 Spanish, 2 home shopping, 3 different PBS's, a channel in German, and the golf channel.  Of all of these channels, the CW is the only one that plays Saturday morning cartoons.  And of all the cartoons we see on the CW Saturday mornings, only one of them - Ninja Turtles - is a show NOT based on a trading card/internet game. Chaotic, Huntik (worst theme song ever!) Yu-Gi-Oh something or other, Dino-something or other - they are all BAD, with lines like "You think you have won, but I throw my fire demon monster card in combination with my water spirit tsunami card and you will pay!"  But we watch them because there are no other cartoons on our channels.  

So what happened to the major networks having great cartoon line-ups?  Growing up, my sisters and I only had CBS, NBC, and ABC on our TV.  Cable didn't come out as far as we lived and my parents didn't get a DSS satellite until I was in college.  (That means I never got to watch the Simpsons, MTV, Star Trek, Nickelodeon, Married with Children, In Living Color ... you get the idea.) If we saw You Can't do That on Television or USA Cartoon Express, it was only a couple times a year when we went to stay over at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  But we never felt as if we suffered, because the major networks had awesome cartoons and shows - Smurfs, Gummi Bears, Muppet Babies, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, the Nintendo Cartoons, Snorks - you name it, it was all on the major networks.  And of course, so was our favorite Saturday morning show of all time: Saved By The Bell.  (Not a cartoon, but had to give it honorable mention!)

So I'm grumpy that if I turn to CBS, NBC, or ABC on a Saturday morning, it's an infomercial, a news show, or a re-run movie.  It's really sad! Thank the gods for He-Man on DVD. 

Ooh - sorry, gotta go - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is on.

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Jennifer Eolin is The New Old Biddy said...

I miss morning cartoons too! I used to look forward to Saturday morning TV so much. Now I just look forward to sleeping in and bacon. :)