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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At this moment ...

1. Take out your cell phone.
2. Turn it around and take a picture of yourself 
3. Post that pic and describe it. Where are you? Why are you wearing that? 

Ok, well, I used my Webcam because I am broke and I didn't want to spend the 25 cents to send the photo from my cell phone to my e-mail.    Here's the picture:

At this very moment, I am finally sitting down after a long whirlwind of a day of job searching and running around doing errands and hitting the gym and donating things to charity and walking another 3 miles after the gym (I know, overachiever) and helping people with computer problems and brainstorming.


It's 6:08 and I just got home, and I have crashed on the couch next to my cat who is watching dogs and their owners go by on the bike path outside of our living room window.  As you can see, he looks thrilled to have his picture taken.  (Maybe I blew his cover with the dogs?) I'm waiting for Bryan to get home so we can have dinner.  I am so hungry I could eat my own arm right now.  But then, how would I blog?

Why am I wearing that - what? Sunglasses on my head? And a tan hoodie? Because the glorious sun was out today.  If only the wind chill would have vanished it might have actually been nice out.  Yeah, a wind chill.  In springtime.  Oh, how I miss SoCal!

Neeed .... foooood ... soooooooon .....

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