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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Greetings, Hazmat Fans!

Here are some observations I've made mental notes about lately. All of these things were supposed to be their own blog posts but instead got boiled down to this. Perhaps I will revisit them when the 2009 BufBloPoFo rolls around!

1. Did you ever notice that the SciFi/Fantasy section is right next to the Romance section at Barnes and Noble? Is this the bookseller's way of bringing lonely souls together? It's kind of romantic, really. Love at the bookstore. I noticed this while perusing the SciFi/Fantasy section a while back - I turned around to what I thought would be the SciFi "M - Z by Author" section and saw row upon row of bodices and men with their shirts half unbuttoned - the Romance Section. Then I looked back at the SciFi/Fantasy section and saw knights and mages and warriors ... it all made sense.

2. Leaf Blowers are the most useless things on the planet. Are we as a society that lazy that we can't pick up a rake anymore? Blow the leaves in the street. Then the cars blow them back up onto the sidewalk. Blow the leaves into a pile in the parking lot and leave them. (ha - leave them!) Then the wind kicks up and scatters them again. Leaf blowers waste gas, churn out fumes, and cause noise pollution. Rakes are quiet and work your cardiovascular system. I'm voting for rakes!

3. Speaking of the politics of lawn care, or rather, bike path care, I would like to throw a shout out to all of you using the Minuteman Bikeway: Clean up your dog poop!! WTF! And say "On Your Left" or ding your bell if you are speeding by me while I'm walking. I can't necessarily hear you speeding up behind me and I don't want to lose an arm as you speed by in your spandex. I would say about 1 in 10 cyclists who whiz by me alert me to their presence. And I'm on the bike path a lot these days - walking to get where I need to go. It's cheaper than driving. And I've lost 7 pounds in the process!

4. Halloween is nearly upon us - my favorite holiday! Last year I was on my honeymoon in Mexico during Halloween so I didn't get to dress up. Well, if you count being a beach bum for Halloween, then ok, but anyone who knows me knows I usually go more elaborate than that with my costumes. I have several ideas this year ... I just have no idea where to wear them. What's the coolest place in Boston to go for Halloween? I'm not really into the club scene. I'm more into the pub scene. Maybe I'll have to scope that out. I've already been a pirate - handing out flyers for The Costume Company in Arlington. Er, AARGHlington!

Ok, well, I have to get back to being productive. Hopefully will blog again soon!

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Bryan Mahoney said...

Yarrrrghh Mad-Eye Marge! Ye be the best Arrrrrlington pirate I set me eyepatch on!!!!