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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mutant Makeover

Greetings, Hazmat Fans!

Like the new digs?  I figured, since I've been away for a while, that I would mark my triumphant return with a makeover.  My friend Ryan designed the Hazmat Spokesgirl, Toxic Tessie, above. He's the awesomist artist ever.  AND he's a zombie.

So where the heck have I been, aside from a lame He-Man post and some pictures from Disneyland? Well, there are a couple of explanations.  First, it's summer, and we northeasterners like to get out and cram our free time with travel and visits and other things that aren't easily done in snow and cold.  Also, my sister had a baby - Owen James - who is super duper cute, and I've been spending time being an aunt.  I've also been writing.  A lot.  Which is awesome.  I have several writing projects that have all been at various levels of completion over the years, and I just finally said 'That's it!' and buckled down to finish one before I move on to the next.  The rough draft should be done by the end of August.  Woo and Hoo!!

So, all this cool stuff, eh, and why have I not been blogging about it?  Well, believe it or not, sometimes I just get sick of the Internet - well, sick of everything but the LOL Cats anyway.  Everything - Blogger, Facebook, E-mail in general.  Remember - all you Gen-Xers out there - when there was no such thing as the Internet? How did we all spend our free time then?  Me, I did a lot of drawing, writing, painting, and playing volleyball or badminton outside with the fam.  From about April until, oh, say, now, I've been kind of uninterested in the interwebs.  Occasionally I would update my Facebook status or post said Disneyland photos to Hazmat, but I've been away from it all - including e-mail, which was bad and kinda lame. 

Back in May I turned 32, and maybe it was that combined with Owen's arrival as the next generation, but lately I've been embracing my inner Gen-Xer.  I've been thinking a lot about how Owen, and eventually my own kids (someday, no time soon, maybe in a few years ... does that cover it all?)  will be growing up in a world filled with all of these interwebian distractions.  I remember when pushing a button on Barbie or Optimus Prime and hearing the 3 staple voice recordings repeat back to you over and over was the height of technological coolness.  Now I can play Mario Kart with people from Japan and Spain from the comfort of my own couch.

(Oh, and that would be another reason I've been off the interwebs lately ... my name is Marcy and I'm a Mario Kart Wii Addict ... Hi Marcy ...)

Don't get me wrong - I'm not giving up the Internet - oh, no.  That would be like giving up phones, or carbs, or seeing a picture of Earth taken from space and then saying "...mmmmmNAH.  The Earth is flat."  I'm just doing more away from the interwebs, and when I'm on the interwebs, I'm making an attempt to have it be purposeful, not just for boredom.
(OK, with the exception of last night when I discovered the 'Pieces of Flair' application on Facebook, which started out as boredom but became purposeful.)

So, long story even longer, I'm back, and Hazmat has a new look, and I might have to go play some Mario Kart now.

Back atcha soon.


Dave! said...

That I think Ryan's Toxic Tessie is the Cutest!Thing!Ever! probably says more about me than it does the work itself. :-)

Welcome back to Le Intrawebz. I find myself online the better part of the day, but 86.54 percent of that is work-related now that I'm in the A&E gig. (And have developed a whole new appreciation for YouTube as a result.) But I'll go for weeks at a time without updating the LJ, f'rinstance -- I just got around last week to finishing my observations on a wedding that occurred three weeks earlier.

It doesn't look as though I'm going to make it to Boston this year -- I have some expenses coming up and such -- but I do plan to come next year. The floating northeast filk con is in the Boston area next year, so I'll probably make a multi-day sojourn of it (and maybe finally make good on my threat to suck you guys into the Maw of Filkdom). Now if the Sox play at home that week, that'll just be the maraschino cherry atop that metaphorical sundae. And I'm pretty sure I spelled maraschino wrong. And should it be capitalized? Is it a place from which the cherries are native? Too many questions. Must rest my brain.

Marcy said...

The Maw of Filkdom sounds like an H.P. Lovecraft story! That would be awesomne if you could come up for that con and we could tag along - I'm not heading into the Maw without a tour guide :-)

As always, game or no, con or no, and when gas prices are reasonable again, you are more than welcome at Chateau Maho(ney), where the chili is nuclear and the Guinness flows freely.

I never thought about why maraschino cherries are called that ... I shall google it ... AH! Praise Wikipedia for the answers!