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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

By The Power of Grayskull!

On a whim, Bryan and I rented the "Masters of the Universe" movie from 1980-something. I remember thinking this movie sucked when I was a kid - and I was an avid He-Man fan. So what compelled me to want to rent it as an adult? I have no idea, but by the end of the movie (yes, we actually sat through the entire film) I was smashing the remote control into my head. AWFUL! But did I expect anything more? When we turned off the DVD player, NOVA was on. I love NOVA! We should have watched NOVA instead.

1 comment:

Garvey said...

I remember before that movie came out they had a contest where some lucky kid could actually appear on screen if he bought an action figure with a winning ticket in it. I SCROUNGED my house for every loose coin I could find and bought a Stinkor.

I did not win, but whenever I smell patchouli, I remember carrying a bag of nickels into the toy section at Ames.