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Friday, April 18, 2008


Sorry for the lapse in bloggage. Busy times these days.

I am looking forward to this weekend - we have some friends visiting from Canandaigua and we are going to be seeing the sights here in Boston. The weather is great and the trees are budding so it should be a great weekend for walking history tours and the aquarium and fun! And a cookout! I have been stressed out lately with work and Bryan has been uber busy with work too so it will be nice to have a weekend of fun. And our friends have three little girls, so it's always fun to see the sights you know through their eyes. Brings an element of magic to the everyday. I'll post some pictures after this weekend of our adventures.

In other exciting sightseeing news, Bryan and I are taking a trip out to Los Angeles later this spring, for which I cannot wait! I haven't been back to LA since I moved away from there in 2002, and I am long overdue for visits with friends and some Southern California sunshine. And Chili John's in Burbank. And Disneyland. And AWESOME Mexican food! Is it weird that I miss driving on the freeways? With all the windows down and the sun out and the music up? Boston side streets are not exactly made for that sort of thing. They're not even really made for cars, more like horses and wagons. And don't expect to find a street sign anywhere - it's a game to find your way around. LA has traffic, sure, but not always and not everywhere, like there seems to be here. At least the streets there are clearly marked! I'm not knocking Boston, it's a great city and a lot of fun to live in, but I am really looking forward to a little West Coast respite. Bryan's never been to the West Coast either, so it will be fun for me to play tour guide. And did I mention AWESOME Mexican food?!

After our CA trip, we are hunkering down in Boston for the majority of the summer, hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law who are about to become parents. Talk about a new adventure! We get to be the crazy-fun aunt and uncle who live nearby and have lots of Legos. That suits me just fine - I've always wanted to be an aunt - I've had lots of good aunt examples in my own life. (I have 9 aunts and one great-aunt!) I look forward to doting on my sister's offspring - it's all cool with me as long as I don't have to clean up poop. I'm not really ready for or into that whole thing yet. (This is why I have a cat. At least he poops in a box with a plastic bag in it that I can just tie up and throw out. And he cleans himself up. Most of the time.)

Anyway, fun things await Los Mahoneys over the next few months. The excitement! The fun visits! The AWESOME Mexican Food! The new arrival who will eventually come over and play Legos with us!

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