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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Comedy and Tragedy

Here’s something funny: I tripped on a curb today and nearly went sailing into the pavement. But I didn’t fall. But it still must’ve looked pretty darn funny. I can picture it in slow motion; me with my spindly, lanky gazelle-like arms and legs flailing in the morning sunlight, on the brink of falling, teetering forward and back as my coffee sloshes dangerously close to the opening in the lid. It must’ve been an amusing site to anyone walking in my vicinity. But I regained my balance and made it into the building unscathed. Or so I thought.

Here comes the tragedy: On that unforgiving cement curb, I scuffed the toe of my favorite red patent leather, kitten heel Mary Janes. Do you know what a scuff looks like in red patent leather?! It looks like crap! And it’s not just a little scrape. It scuffed all the way down to the brown material beneath. It looks like I have a piece of paper bag stuck to the tip of my beloved shiny, pointy shoes. Today I was rejoicing that the weather is nice enough to wear shoes instead of boots again – let alone my favorite shoes! And now they are besmirched. Blemished. Spoiled. I must go to and see if they can be replaced. Or perhaps a cobbler, who may have some gift of patent leather CPR, though I don’t hold out hope that their pristine shiny surface can ever be whole again. I know I only paid $14.00 for them at Payless, but I still love them! Blast it!
This is precisely why I buy cheap shoes, because I’m not going to pay hundreds of dollars for something the curb could destroy.


BobbaLew said...

I once got a suede jacket.
Always wanted a suede jacket.
134 smackaroos — this was during the ‘70s.
They look so groovy.
Within days I tore it on a nail.
End of suede jacket — so much for grooviness.
So much for dreamin’.

Serena said...

You write very well.