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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ah, Warm Weather and the MBTA

It's springtime in Boston, and the weather has been practically summer-like.

Yes, folks, you know what this means - the armpits are back on the T. I was in a stink sammich on the T tonight and it was made of fresh, ripe pits. Mmmmmm, BO& T.

Thankfully, the pollen is also out so my sinuses were too swollen to let in all the stink. But T riders, remember, the magic word is DEODORANT.

Oh, and that rat is STILL THERE at South Station, badly decomposed, but has the same expression on its face. And it, too, stinks.

Ah, springtime.

1 comment:

Oracle said...

I was hoping you would bring this up, can you say poem time in 'Playtime'? Now I bet you are thinkin, 'oh, so that is why the Goddess made trees with pollen AND allergies! LOL BO people suck...