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Sunday, March 02, 2008

These Boots are Made for Blogging

I am still miserably sick - moreso today than yesterday, but I will forge ahead.  There's blogging to be done!
I went ahead yesterday and posted before reading on Royal Toybox that there was a topic for the day, so I plan on addressing yesterday's topic and today's in this post.  Call me a blog over achiever!  Just mustering the energy to move my fingers on the keyboard is an achievement today.

Playtime at Hazmat got it's name at a DSW Shoe store.  My sister and I were shoe-shopping and Bryan was along for the ride.  We walked past a couple pair of those popular rubber rain boots with the fun patterns on them that are all the rage for the commuter chic here in Boston. Bryan picked up one boot, looked at it for a second, and then screwed up his face and said "Eew!  Hey look - it's playtime at Hazmat!"  Later on when I went to create my own blog and needed a snappy, non sequitir title that would make people laugh and wonder, that quote came to mind.  The name seems to fit me, like those boots: practical but quirky and totally random.

I started blogging at first so that I could have a creative outlet to write short stories or random ramblings - usually gripes about something or other told in an (hopefully) entertaining way.  I figured if I blogged for a few minutes it would get me in writing mode so that when I went offline I could open up my novel and write away.  After a few posts I realized blogging is also a fun way to let people know what's up in my life.  I've lived in Los Angeles, Rochester NY, and now Boston in the last ten years, and my blog has turned into a fancy version of a mass e-mail to people about what's going on where I am.  And as I've continued to blog I've found it's a good sounding off place to write about the annoying things I deal with (on my commute mostly) or my thoughts on TV, books and movies.  I figure there are enough people out there blogging about important things and trying to change the world.  I just want to entertain people.

So, that's the jist of Hazmat.  As for today's question topic, the best gift I've ever received would have to be when Bryan got me tickets to Sting and Annie Lennox at Darien Lake a few years ago - though a close second would be a Kingdom of Loathing T-shirt that was a wedding gift.

Ok, back to being miserable on the couch.  I watched so much HGTV yesterday that when I actually managed to sleep last night I had dreams about tiles and fabric swatches and end tables.  If only I could find an Ace of Cakes marathon!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog title fascinated me I'm glad you told the story. Very creative title!

So which was your favorite NKTOB? My sister was a fan so I couldn't be just to create conflict in the house. LOL! I'm a stinker.