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Friday, March 07, 2008


I need new clothes. Particularly new pants. (Trousers for you Brits who might be reading this.)

I have a two trustworthy pairs of pants that are both comfortable and look good, but the rest are either too big, too small, too short, or have permanent mud stains on the cuffs from my commute. My pink Old Navy pants were scuffed on the cuffs, but I wore them anyway because in my winter wardrobe I have been desperate for pants. (No skirts in the winter for me.)

My trusty pink pants bit the dust yesterday when I fell off a curb and into the street, onto my knees. Not only did the knees of my pants get permanent asphalt stains on them, but I skinned my knee and wrenched my shoulder catching myself as I fell. I looked like a 5 year old with my skinned knee and Peanuts Gang Band-Aid later.

Anyway, I plan on going sometime this spring and seeing what Old Navy has to offer in the way of new pants. (Trousers.) But I'm going to wait until the weather clears up a bit first.

This may be my most exciting blog post EVER.

And now, a song about pants. (I think they mean Trousers.)

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