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Friday, March 14, 2008

O-blogitory post

Good Day, Ladies and Gents!  
I am posting in a hurry this morning so as not to miss out on my BufBloPoFo duties but we are going on a road trip so this has to be short because Bryan needs to blog before we go, too.   
Here's a pic of what my cat is doing right this very moment - ain't technology grand?

Here's what my husband is doing (playing with the ringtones on his cell phone.)

And that's just me.  Being me.  Heh.

Rock on, Blogland.


BobbaLew said...

-Teacher to David, first-born child of Marcy and Mahooch: “David, your mother is weird.
-David: “Yepp-errrr.”
-Teacher: “Here we are trying to hold a PTO meeting......” (back in my day it was PTA; PTO is ‘power-takeoff’) “.......and your mother is in the back wearing a horned Viking-helmet.”
“She starts making Viking grunts. She’s trying to turn a legitimate parent-teacher conference into a WWWWWWWWWWWWW wrastling-match.”

Bryan Mahoney said...

Love the pic at the bottom. Reminds me of our wedding day.

Marcy Mahoney said...

Yeah, I'm a beaut, ain't I?

What can I say - weird suits me. I yam what I yam.