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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hooray for BufBloPoFo!

Whew! Blogging every day was quite a challenge, especially with the flu rearing it's ugly head. But I'm proud to be a BufBloPoFo Completer! I hope most of my posts were entertaining, at least. I'm going to try to not fall back into the ridiculously sporadic posting zone, though I can pretty much guarantee that posting every single day is not going to happen. But the BufBloPoFo has taught me a certain level of discipline with my blogging, and clued me in that people actually do read my blog once in a while. So now that I know I have even a small audience, I will attempt to thrill and entertain you all on a more regular basis. Or at least ramble about something occasionally. I also plan on being a regular reader of the BufBloPoFo blogs that I discovered in the process. All in all, I think the challenge was a great success and a cool way to bring bloggers together on the interwebs. And I'm looking forward to BufBloPoFo '09!

It was a mellow St. Pat's day for me here in Boston yesterday. Just a typical Monday really, with work and going to the gym. I did have a nice Boston St. Pat's moment yesterday, though; on my way back from a meeting I was walking through Boston Common in the late afternoon sunlight, and I heard a piper out in the park playing "Wearin' o'the Green." It was a very organic meeting of elements - sunlight, music, crisp air, muddy early spring earth. Lovely.

Later Dudes.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely on my favorites list! I'm a hooked reader now!

L. David Wheeler said...

Did you happen to come across Erin Nappe's blog "Erin-Go-Blog" in your perusal of the participants? She's the fiancee of Rand from Ookla the Mok, and a mighty fine person in her own right.

l. david wheeler said...

D'oh, never mind, I see her in your links list.

BobbaLew said...

It’s the old waazoo, Marcy.
Pick up your shovel and start slingin’.
The insanity’s everywhere.
Dead rats on the commuter-rail; what else is new?
(I usually find some insanity to sling about most every day.)