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Monday, March 10, 2008

Bill Cosby, Ninjas, and Gorgonzola Cheese

I can't think of anything to blog about tonight.  Monday = long day.  So Bryan and I are going to just sit here and ask each other 20 questions and I will post them with their answers.  
Ok, ready, go.

MARCY:  "Bryan, what are you thinking about right now?"
BRYAN:  "Ketchup."

BRYAN:  "If they put your name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, what would you want your star to say?"
MARCY:  "Human Muppet."

MARCY:  "3DO or Sega Genesis?
BRYAN:  "Super Nintendo."
MARCY:  "Correct."

BRYAN:  "Will you pass me a chocolate?"
MARCY:  "They're behind you."
BRYAN:  "Oh."
MARCY:  "Ask me another one."

BRYAN:  "OK.  Did Han shoot first?"
MARCY:  "F@&K Yeah!  Stupid George Lucas."

MARCY:  "What does the name 'Todd' make you think of."
BRYAN:  ""Todd?  Uh, a WASP with a sweater folded over his shoulders and a yellow tie and a blue shirt."
MARCY:  "Oh. I was thinking The Simpsons."
BRYAN:  "Oh."

BRYAN:  "What's a henweigh?"
MARCY:  "Uh, about 3 pounds.  Duh."

MARCY:  "What's the square root of awesome?"
BRYAN:  "Chuck Norris."

BRYAN:  "How many sweaters did Bill Cosby own?"
MARCY:  "A quarter of a million. But he gave a few to Todd.  To go folded over his shoulders."

MARCY:  "Which would you rather be forced to eat, raisins, or mayonnaise gone bad?"
BRYAN:   "Raisins, but I still think they look like rabbit poop."

BRYAN:  "Who would win in a battle royal - Care Bears vs. Gummi Bears?"
MARCY:  "The Gummi Bears would suck down their super juice and trounce the freaking Care Bears, Duke Igthorn or no Duke Igthorn."  

MARCY:  "If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be and what song would you master?"
BRYAN:  "It would be an acoustic guitar, and the only song I would ever need to know would be Pinball Wizard."
MARCY:  "No Zeppelin?  Denied!"

BRYAN:  "What's a ninja's greatest weakness?"
MARCY:  "Silent but deadly farts."

MARCY:  "Would you rather have extra fingers, or a tail?"
BRYAN:  "Would it be a prehensile tail?"
MARCY:  "It would just be a tail."
BRYAN:  "So I couldn't swing from trees?"
MARCY:  "You could still swing from trees, you'd just have to use your arms."
BRYAN:  "That's no fun, I can do that now."
MARCY:  "So which would you rathe have?'
BRYAN:  "Um, I would rather have ... so how many extra fingers?"
MARCY:  "I didn't specify."
BRYAN:  "Well, you gotta."
MARCY:  "No, you can specify."
BRYAN:  "Hmm. I would go with ten extra fingers, as long as they are connected to two extra arms.  So I would have four arms.  And people would call me Insectus."
MARCY:  "You're a weird dude.  Get your finger out of your nose."
BRYAN:  "It's not! It's on my moustache!"

MARCY:  "Ok, ask me a question now."
BRYAN:  "Did I already ask you about the ninjas?"
MARCY:  "Yes."
BRYAN:  "Oh, okay.  Um ... Should we colonize the moon?"
MARCY:  "No, I think we should colonize Titan or Europa instead.  We'll need them when the Sun goes red dwarf."

BRYAN:  "What's your super power?  Not what would it be, but what is it right now."
MARCY:  "I make kick ass gorgonzola topped steak."

MARCY:  "What's the best meal you've ever eaten?"
BRYAN:  "Um, I think that was a couple years back when we went to Tastings in Rochester, and I had truffle-infused mac and cheese and a cut of filet mingon that must have been from God's personal cow."

BRYAN:  "If you were an action heroine, what would be the name of your movie series?"
MARCY:  "Kara Bruise: Klutz of Destruction."

MARCY:  "If you had to choose between making out with Bea Arthur AND Flava Flave, or having your jaw wired shut for twenty years, which would you choose?"
BRYAN:  "Aw man!  At the same time?"
MARCY:  "Yeah."
BRYAN:  "Eeeeew!  How long do I have to kiss them?"
MARCY:  "You have to make out with them!"
BRYAN:  "Ok, I'd make out with them.  But only because with my jaw wired shut I can't eat chicken wings."

BRYAN:  "Would you rather tightrope walk across the grand canyon, or have to ride the bike machine at the gym with Richard Simmons?"
MARCY:  "Do I get to use my iPod?"
BRYAN:  "No."
MARCY:  "Can I eat lots of garlic first?"
BRYAN:  "Yes."
MARCY:  "Biking with Richard Simmons.  Hey, that was question #20."
BRYAN:  "YAY.  This has been the longest 20 questions ever.  But I feel closer to my wife now."
MARCY:  "And Bea Arthur."
BRYAN:  "And Todd."

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