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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pure Entertaining Genius

The folks at Animal Planet are brilliant. Not only are they the reason we all know of Steve Irwin and his message of conservation, they are responsible for many other great shows that illuminate us brutish humans to the plight of animals, domesticated or not. (Check out 'The Little Zoo That Could' if you see it on the TV channel guide - great show!)

AND, the geniuses at Animal Planet came up with the concept of The Puppy Bowl. Hours on end of puppies playing. And a kitten halftime show!

Here is last year's Kitty Halftime Show - click on the icon with the kitten face. Enjoy!

1 comment:

AL said...

In addition to watching the Puppy Bowl & Kitty Halftime Show constantly during the Superbowl ad breaks, Luke & I had taken Winston to a puppy playgroup earlier in the day. It was a day of utter cuteness!