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Friday, February 01, 2008

Preventing Lockjaw, Clearance Chocolates, and The Written Word

Yesterday I got a tetanus shot. I now know why we only get them every 10 years - so we forget how much they freakin' hurt! I feel like I was kicked in the arm by a ninja. Not fun.

It's February! Almost time for Shmalentines day, and you know what that means: post-shmalentine day candy clearance is close at hand! This is second in clearance-candy awesomeness only to Easter, which wins with Cadbury eggs. But chocolate marshmallow hearts, watch out! I'm comin' for you on Feb. 15th!

Damn. Now I want chocolate. My Quaker oats just aren't cutting it.

In Book news, I read 4 books in the month of January. Currently I am reading River God by Wilbur Smith, which I didn't like at first but it got better and now I'm into the story. Not sure what to pick up next yet as I pine and wait for George R. R. Martin to finish writing A Dance With Dragons. One of the books I read last year, The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin, has a sequal coming out in February, but the first one was so eh that I don't really want to buy the next in hardcover, or even really at all. It will likely be a library excursion, if they have it. The Summoner was a typical group quest fantasy novel with all sorts of awful cliches and playing to character stereotypes, there was an interesting element of the main character being able to see dead people which was kind of intriuging. Any time you have a bunch of people traveling through a war-torn area, there's bound to be angry spirits waiting to talk to someone. But still, to read the stories of the dead people they encounter you have to slog through cliche dialogue and characters you've met in other novels but with differnent names here. I will likely finish River God on the train trip home tonight, so I think I will take a little trip to Barnes and Noble in search of some literary goodies this weekend. Any suggestions?

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al said...

FRIEND! I'm not sure if this sounds like its up your alley or not, but I heard about this book recently and really want to read it: Political Science Fiction (by Don Hassler & Clyde Wilcox). See you tonight!!!