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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Let the crappy-televison-fest begin!!
Rock of Love 2 premiered tonight on VH1!
More stripping! More puking! More passed-out hose beast skanks!
It's reality TV at it's finest, ladies and gentlemen!
Don't miss it!

It's so bad! It's so awful!
But we can't help but watch.
It's like that scene in Clockwork Orange when
they peel his eyelids back and force him to watch ugly things.
Except no-one is actually forcing us to watch.
We're just compelled by the sheer insanity of it.
Ugh. Gross. Nasty. Bleck!
Oop - gotta go! Commercial is over!

1 comment:

hacker snakelegs said...

I LOVE this show, but I do think the girls from last season were a bit more .... skanky, foul and some were just cooler.
Angelique. Not sure she was born a woman, and now she's gone. The biggest train wreck of all.