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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Auto Pilot

So this morning I was waiting in the cold for the bus. Some miraculous feat of willpower has overtaken me, and I am taking the bus to the train station instead of driving. It's saving us $100 a month, so it's something, anyway. I don't mind the actual riding on the bus part at all. It's the waiting in the cold and the having to get up earlier part that I abhor. I've never been much of a morning person if that morning involves an alarm clock, and the last thing I want to do is sleep less and stand in the cold and wait for the bus. But hey, here I am, suddenly Mrs. Willpower, and I've saved $200 so far.

So, like I said, this morning I was waiting in the cold for the bus, and I started watching cars as they went by. And then I started counting how many of each car type I saw. Luckily I only had to wait five minutes today, but here's an inventory of cars I saw in the right lane heading east down Mass Ave in Arlington:

2 Mercedes
12 Toyota
4 Ford
3 Chevy
4 Honda
2 Saab
1 Volvo
4 Volkswagen
1 Acura
1 Oldsmobile
1 Buick
1 Saturn (not counting Bryan's)
1 Mack Truck
2 Mazda

Boy - I hope the rest of my day is as exciting as that five minutes was!


al said...

No Mini Coopers?!?! Or do those count under BMW? Mini Coopers make me squeak with delight... its the little things.

BobbaLew said...

I drove transit-bus for 16&1/2 years.
It was fun, but only the operation of large equipment — the clientele was rather frightening.
Riding bus was only for the halt, the maim, those who otherwise could not drive (like DWIs).
To ride bus meant allowing an extry half-hour or more to make connections.
Years ago when I worked downtown (Rochester) riding bus made sense, since it was in-and-out.
(Getting across-town to a suburban work-location was beyond-the-pale.)
But even then you had to start out early in case the bus crippled — a rather common occurrence.
Driving bus was fun, but it was a stupid meaningless job.

BobbaLew said...

We bus-drivers had two rules:
-1) Don’t hit anything
-2) Don’t get shot
(Otherwise anything else goes.)