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Monday, December 03, 2007

Identity Crisis

I don’t know who I am!
At least that’s what it sounds like every time I leave someone a message at work or sign any piece of paper needing my signature. Don’t get me wrong - I love my new name – it totally rocks. But for 31 years I have been a Dewey, and now that I’ve changed my last name, I am having the hardest time remembering my new name! My new name is on my license, my credit and debit cards, my social security card, my business cards, my mail, and my e-mail. People keep calling me Mrs. Mahoney and I’m looking around for Bryan’s mom – then I remember, “Oh, that’s me, answer them before you look like an idiot!” It’s a very strange phenomenon. Today I left a message for a client and said “Hi, this is Marcy Dew-er-uh-um-Mahoney, I’m sorry, I just got married and I keep forgetting my new name …” It’s no wonder the guy didn’t call me back! I have no idea how long this phenomenon will last for. It’s not as simple as remembering to change the date after the new year; this goes to the very core of identity. Hopefully, if enough people make me say my name and sign things, I’ll have it down pat by the time I have to remember to write 2008 instead of 2007.

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The Keed said...

Make it work, Marcy. 12/30/07 for us will be 40 years. As my wife said: “I hope it’s as successful as ours was.”
(12/30/07 because Linda’s mother declared 12/31 was UNACCEPTABLE. 12/31/67 was a SUNDAY, for crying out loud, and that would muck up the church. “—What, me domineering?”)