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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wedding! Wonderful Trip! And A Wii!

Yes folks, there has been a major lapse in bloggage here, but I swear I have a good excuse: Bryan and I got married on Oct. 27th and then spent over a week in Mexico chillin' with Mojitos on the beach. (Then I came back to the US and promptly got the flu.) So here I am with a mini-update teaser for the big update that is going to follow! (As soon as I get over the flu.)

A preview:

1. Despite the opinion of a drunk newlywed woman from Texas that we met on a dinner cruise, the Mayan ruins at Tulum are not, in fact, "Just a boring pile of rocks."

2. Parrot talons actually aren't as sharp as they look.

3. Joxer (my cat) was not fond of the cat-sized sombrero we brought back for him.

4. Mere nerds cannot describe how annoyng the flight attendant was on our return flignt.

5. Holy crap - Bryan's my husband and I'm a Mrs. - that's so awesome!

6. We bought a Wii this week and I pulled a butt muscle Wii bowling.

7. I'm really embarassed that I pulled a butt muscle Wii bowling.

8. I'm going to bed now, stupid flu.

Stay tuned for our fabulous wedding review spectacular and Mexico travelogue, which will be simulcast on Hazmat and Bryan's blog,
The Daily Blurb!

1 comment:

al said...

yay - it sounds like your honeymoon was a blast! boo in regards to the flu :(

I hope your flu goes away and your butt fully recovers, ready for more Wii action.