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Friday, October 05, 2007

Bruce Campbell is my hero!

Bruce Campbell saved me on the train today.

Perhaps I should explain.

Here's a little background information from
Friday, October 5, 2007
Red Line service reopens after trash fire at Park Street
By Globe Staff
Red Line service between the JFK station and Harvard has been restored after a brief suspension this afternoon, the MBTA says. MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said there was a small trash fire and a smoldering piece of plastic on the third rail in the Park Street station. Service had to be suspended because the power on that section of the line needed to be turned off briefly. Pesaturo said the fire is under investigation. Posted by the Boston Globe City & Region Desk at
05:59 PM

BRIEF SUSPENSION MY ASS!! I got on the Red Line train at South Station at 5:00. We did not start moving down the track until 6:15!! That is not BRIEF! Especially on a Friday!!! Especially when you are underground, without cell phone reception, and - worst of all - CLAUSTROPHOBIC.

Bruce Campbell to the rescue.

I met Bruce back when I lived in Los Angeles at a signing for his autobiography "If Chins Could Kill - Confessions of a B Movie Actor" when he was touring for the book. I have a hardcover copy that he signed: "Marcy - Stay Groovy!! -Bruce Campbell" *sigh* (He's super dreamy.) I read the book right after I got it. And I bought a paperback version (with new stuff in it!) for Bryan a few years ago. Just this morning I decided to bring the paperback version on the train with me and read it again.

Tonight, as I was trapped underground for nearly an hour and a half, surrounded by a crush of people on a hot, stationary train - screaming babies and frustrated working stiffs (and of course SMELLY PEOPLE) all around me, I pulled out Brucey's book and was wonderfully distracted from my situation. As the crunchy, uptight chick sitting next to me was muttering to moms to shut up their crying kids and thrashing her Jack Kerouac book back and forth, I was snickering and laughing out loud at Bruce's book. It made a horrible experience on the train way more endurable for this claustrophobic.

So Bruce, though I doubt you will ever happen past my dorky little blog here, thank you for saving me from a panic meltdown on the train today. And Stay Groovy.

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