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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pigeons, Parenthood, and Pillaging

Some observations and fun things I discovered today:

1. Kids are the true natural enemy of pigeons. Seriously. I work across the street from the Boston Children's Museum. Every time I walk outside, there's a kid chasing a pigeon. And the pigeon is beelining for my head. And I'm sure they poop if you scare them enough. But the pigeons are, how do you say, bird-brained, and they always fly back to where the kids can chase them again. It's a never ending cycle of stupidity! Not the kids' fault - they don't know any better. And not the pigeon's fault, they don't know any better either. It's just dumb!

2. For some reason, for the past two months, "Working Mother" magazine has appeared in my mailbox. Why? I am not a mother, nor do I have any designs on being a mother for many, many years. Is it because I'm 31? Is it some demographic thing? Did someone see my name on an over 30 mailing list and decide, Hey, she's 31, she must have kids. That's really presumptuous! And presumptuous that I'm a working mother, to boot! What if I wanted to have kids but couldn't, and I couldn't find a job either. What a double kick in the head that would be. Those free magazine demographic abusing dunderheads who sent me this magazine should be more considerate to their demographics. Ugh. How about sending me a "Working Bride" magazine? Help me balance work and wedding plans? Now THAT would be useful!

3. This may be the coolest event I've ever missed: A replica Viking long boat pulled into the harbor in Dublin, Ireland today, completing a voyage meant to see what it was like for the Vikings to make the journey back in the day. How freaking cool would it have been to be on that shore, watching that Viking ship pull into the harbor?! Well, in this day and age it's cool. Back in the day, though, it might have been the most frightening thing in the world. Still, what an awesome sight! Read the story HERE.

That's all I've got for now, folks. Hope you're all well out there in readerland. Drop me a comment if you happen by this post and tell me what's up with all of you!


Bryan Mahoney said...

Oh my GOD that may be the funniest hing you've ever written. Seriously. Everything was awesome! Funnier than watching a little person in a suit of armor get knocked down by a horse!

al said...


my friend got shat on by a pigeon today :(

BobbaLew said...

The other night my wife was eating guacamole. “What in the wide, wide world is that?” I asked.
“Looks like goose-poop.” I said.
So now every time I run through the goose-poop atop the east dam-dike at Boughton Park, I say GUACAMOLE ALERT!