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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The One Stooge

When I was in fourth grade, my two sisters and I were supposed to be the Three Stooges for Halloween.

They backed out of it and decided to be prisoners instead.

Being the stalwart Halloween fan that I am, I forged ahead, and went as Larry.

By myself. No other stooges. Nobody got it.

Here's photographic evidence of this.

And to this day, I am still one of the few living female Three Stooges fans on this planet.


Kelly said...

I forgot you were Larry. Hey,at least we got some use out of the prisoner costumes in our videos throughout the years, right?

LDW! said...

Among my favorite moments in the very silly and somewhat madcap film "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World," which starred just about every working comic actor of the time, is a scene after some sort of fire or disaster, in which the camera pans over three stoic, silent, grim firefighters looking like they stepped out of a foreign film or Russian propaganada poster or something. And then it dawns on the viewer that they look awfully familiar: It's the Three Stooges! The most madcap performers of all were cast in the film's only grim, silent moment. It was perfect.

Kris said...

hee, I like the stooges too.
last spring, the dryden showed a 3D horror film from the black and white days and a 3D three stooges. it was great!