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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Green Monster!

Today I went to my first Red Sox Game at Fenway Park. What a day for a game! It was 90 degrees out and even though we were sitting in the shade, it was still beastly hot. But the Sox won and there was much cheering and clapping and hooting and Fenway Franks. Sorry I'm not more witty and eloquent as I type this - I think I spent too much time in the heat today, as forming complete sentences seems to be very difficult for me tonight - ask anyone who's had the misfortune to get me on the phone this evening!

Anyway, my day was much fun! Here are some Fenway Fotos:

1 comment:

Dave! said...

Yayness. Quite jealous; I've never been to Fenway myself and I've an enthusiastic Sox fan.

Haven't had time to breathe, much less write, lately, but something will happen.