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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ghosts, Ganaches, and Garbage TV

Tonight I watched a REALLY cool episode of Ghost Hunters on SciFi Channel. I haven't really watched SciFi Channel all that religiously since the untimely demise of Farscape, but this show has brought me back. The gang was investigating a house built 200 feet from the scene of the Manson murders, and later were at the Jim Henson studios, formerly Charlie Chaplin's. This episode was ripe with cool paranormal evidence and I totally dug it! And just moments ago I finished working out while watching Top Chef. Nothing motivates you to exercise more than watching food shows as you do Pilates. Is that twisted?

And since I'm on the subject of TV, I have to admit that yes, I did watch Rock of Love - aka "Bret Michaels as the Bachelor." Holy crap, what a spectacle that show is. But very entertaining celebreality. I haven't watched much in the wayof Celebreality shows ... I occasionally caught episodes of The Surreal Life here and there, but really, there's only so much Flavor Flave a person can watch. Really. Someone tell MTV Networks that! My favorite reality show and total guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model. And of course, right now, I'm understandably addicted to wedding shows. Bridezillas is highly entertaining. Platinum Weddings is nauseating. (Still, I can't help but watch.)

I think the crap summer reality TV is taking over my brain. Today, all day, I've been trying to think of the creepy "others" leader from Lost, which I watch religiously during the season. I still can't remember his name, and I refuse to Google it. I should know this! Why can't I remember! What has Rock of Love done to my IQ?!?

Summer is fun, but I eagerly await Fall TV. Nice, thinky, back-to-school Fall TV.


Dave! said...

Psssst -- it's "Ben Linus." Otherwise known as "Not Henry Gale." Otherwise known as "Creepy McCreepish."

Aaron said...

That bit with the K2 meter acting as a Ouija board certainly freaked me out.

Too bad that was the summer finale of Ghost Hunters. Seems like that show just got back on the air again. I mean, they took a 7 month break in the middle of season 3 and then only aired 6 episodes this summer? Wonder if something's happening behind the scenes?