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Friday, April 27, 2007

You could die, we'll tell you why a 10:00!

The 10:00 news teaser the other night for channel 5 was something to this effect:

PUFFED UP NEWSGUY: "A local town declares a state of emergency as 72 people get sick from drinking water. We'll show you where at 10:00."

WHAT? You're so desperate to get people to tune into your 10 pm newscast that you would jeopardize people's health? What if I lived in that town and was drinking a tall glass of tap water at that very moment? I'd have to wait until 10 FREAKIN' O'Clock to know if it's my town - that is, if the explosive diarrhea didn't get to me first!

This is why I hate TV news - any kind of it. Just plain annoying. Power to the presses!

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