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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An Idol Moment

My Idol was on American Idol tonight and she totally rocked. Annie Lennox singing Simon and Garfunkel to benefit children dying of AIDS and poverty is by far my favorite American Idol moment ever. (And I have watched every season.) Annie Lennox is such an amazing singer - she has a song to fit everything and anything you might be going through. Her voice is incredible and her lyrics speak to your core. Tonight's Idol was cool and for a good cause.

But my question is this: Why not have every episode of American Idol, and every call or text message they get for votes, be a charitable donation? Think of how much more money that would bring in to fight poverty and AIDS. That would definitely go a long way. There have been - what - 5 successful seasons of Idol before this one. I can't imagine the producers really need more money rolling in more than any of those sick and starving kids do. So, like I said - American Idol producers - why not donate with every episode?

Just a thought.

1 comment:

AL said...

You should write the producers of the show, its a great idea!