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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Artsy Fartsy

I took the above teacup photo back in college for an assignment. Artsy?

Tonight I was at my haven, Barnes and Noble, glancing through interior design and architecture books. I came across a book on artsy loft apartments, and I had a momentary glimpse of a parallel life to my own (like in Star Trek, but I don't have a goatee and therefore I'm not evil Marcy.) This parallel life is the one where I'm artsy fartsy and Bohemian and live in some chic loft in a fabulous city somewhere and I have thinky friends named Henri and Kiki and HenriKikiBob. I'm a painter-slash-fashion designer and I wear clothes that are flowy and have random feathers and do-dads and occasionally have no shape but people say they are fabulous - like some of the things Sarah Jessica Parker wears. And I read thinky books and I write very ponderous things on my blog that people are moved by. Oh, and I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that is my own symbol for peace/love/chocolate that is also the symbol on the tag of my fashion line - and is also how I sign my paintings. And my poor cat Joxer has to share all of his space with a very neurotic Yorkie named Tolstoy Kiki Versace-ovich.

I'm so glad that I am not that artsy fartsy Marcy.

I am an artist; I paint, I write, I sing, I'm a photographer. I went to an artsy college, and always wanted to be more deep when it came to appreciating film, theater and art. But I found myself scratching my head at many of the art films I watched in film school, craving more plot and less brooding. (Ironically, I now have the same problem with many of the special effects films that are out there now - better writing! Less CG!! Do you hear me, George Lucas?!?) Somewhere in the midst of college I discovered that I'm a different kind of artsy - more geek chic than Bohemian thinky. And that's perfectly fine with me. I much prefer being geeked out Marcy with my comfy Irish-Zen Bostonian apartment with my crazy fun fiance who makes fantastic white garlic pizza and still watches Saturday morning cartoons. I like that I like movies for the entertainment factor (though still well written - do you hear me, George Lucas?!?) and I like reading fantasy and scifi novels (with the occasional thinky book) and graphic novels. And I like that Joxer doesn't have to share his space with another pet, and if we do get a Yorkie, he will kick ass and take names and be named Hightower Mahoney. (Police Academy!) And if I do become a fashion designer it will be designing Halloween costumes - really kick-ass Jim Henson Creature Shop like costumes.

Yeah, I'm artsy. And fartsy. But not artsy fartsy.


LDW! said...

Ah, but Evil Uhura didn't have a goatee. So your lack of same cannot in and of itself be admitted as evidence that you are not, in fact, Evil Marcy.

Marcy L. Dewey said...

DAMN! You are so right! I forgot about evil Uhura's lack of goatee!

But which universe is evil Marcy, this one or Bohemian artsy fartsy Marcy ... mwahahahaha ...