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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Goons, Germs, Gowns, and Great TV

Howdy folks!
Here’s a glimpse at things that have made their way into and out of my brain this week:

Jooiiin Us: First of all, I’d like to welcome my cousin Alison (pictured at right) into the world of blogdom! Her brand new blog – "Blogitty Blog Blog" - is here.
Stop on by and say hello! She’s very cool. There’s a dancing llama on the page!!

Holding Back the Barf: Twice so far this week, upon entering the ladies’ room at work, I have witnessed coworkers exiting post-flush without washing their hands – and then heading for the cafeteria! (I am so glad I bring my lunch to work.) Seriously, that is vile. VILE! Come on people! Think about the grossitude of what you are doing!! Oh sweet mother of goats does that make me want to hurl!

Puttin’ on the Ritz: My wedding dress, ordered back in January, is due in any day now. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone already –it is now just under 7 months left until the wedding! I am extremely eager to try it on when it comes in – the one I tried on in the store was about 4 sizes too big and was cinched for me with binder clips in the back – ha! I can’t wait to try it on in my own size. Hopefully it will fit fine – though I reaaaally want to do more cake tastings!!

Sci-Fi Fridays: Back when I lived in Los Angeles , my Friday nights were ruled by the SciFi Channel. I am a Farscape addict! I was totally bummed out when the series ended (and even more bummed out when they killed D’Argo in the made-for-TV-movie. Was that REALLY necessary?!?) Anyway, my point is this: For Christmas, Bryan got me the series "Firefly" on DVD. Another amazingly written but ill-fated science fiction series (that was not on SciFi Channel, however) it was only on TV for one season, but what a season! We've started watching one episode every Friday night, and my SciFi Friday routine is back after a 4 year lapse. As soon as we finish the Firefly series, we're going to start buying the Farscape series on DVD and watch them. Then we'll pick a new series after that. It's a nice thing to look forward to at the end of the week - and usually involves some scrumptious dinner, too! (This week it's panini sammiches!)

Well, gotta go - dinner is ready and I'm ravenous. Later, Taters!

Photo credits: D'Argo - Barbies - Hands


K-rex said...

i say wear the binder clips in the!

al said...

I lost my galloping llama, but now I have a frightened banana! The banana has the same basic facial expression I get after days worth of writing papers with little to no sleep :)