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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Decaffeination, Like an Inspiration

About five months ago I switched to decaf coffee.

I am no longer a caffeine junkie!! The switch to decaf has been painless - it still fits drowsily into my morning routine, but doesn’t shock all of my senses. And I find I’m sleeping better at night without the caffeine boost every day.

Many coffee drinkers think of decaf and say “What’s the point?” A lot of the people I know who love coffee think they can’t survive without the caffeine – some of them drink multiple cups in one sitting. For me, coffee is all about the flavor – especially now that I’m not getting the major buzz from caffeine. It has been a personal challenge finding delicious decaf. Here are the top decafs I’ve discovered:

1. Panera Bread – Last week, I went to the Panera in Woburn for lunch, and got a cup of decaf. It was seriously the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had, decaf or not! I wish it was on my route to work, but it’s not and I’m broke anyway, so I will just have to make special visits to this coffee Mecca.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts – Dunkin’ is EVERYWHERE in Boston. Seriously – It’s like Starbucks was in Los Angeles – everywhere. Almost every block, there’s a Dunkin’ – and speaking ill of Dunkin’ is almost as bad as speaking ill of the Red Sox – which I would never dare do despite the fact that I was born and raised in New York State. (Go Sox!) The Dunkin’ on Summer Street (2A) not far from our apartment makes a fantabulous cup of decaf. It was creamy and dreamy and good. If it weren’t for the whole “I’m broke” thing I’d go there every morning.

3. Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters – Their German Chocolate Decaf is sinful and decadent and wonderful and fabulous and awesome. Someone from NY - please send me some!

4. Pizza Uno – Particularly the one in Victor NY, across from Eastview Mall. Every time I’ve gone there I’ve had a great cup of decaf. Their decaf is rich and delicioso – you’d think you were drinking it in Italy or something. Very very good.

5. Pheonix Coffee – It’s in Canandaigua, NY, and it’s my favorite coffee shop on the planet. Not only is their decaf good, but they make an amazing Mexican Hot Chocolate. And their decaf soy mocha was so good I drool just thinking about it!

6. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - Ok, so it’s technically not coffee, but this chain of coffee shops in the Los Angeles Area (Particularly the one in the Burbank Media Center) makes the best Chai Latte I’ve ever had – and it’s decaf.

Updated 4/17/07 upon re-reading the post: 7. Tim Horton's - I can't believe I left this one out!! Tim Horton's coffee - decaffeinated or not - is like liquid crack. It's awesome. You just can't get ehough!

So now you know – you can live in a decaf world and still have a good, delicious cup of coffee!


Kelly said...

I am not in the decaf or caffiene camp..but rather the 1% milk with light whip cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks. Its all about the sugar and dairy products, dude. :)

BobbaLew said...

Um; who knows if this will show up......
For years it’s been half decaf half caffeinated.
After the “episodes” (which prompted my retirement), it seemed caffeine prompted the episodes, so we switched to totally decaf and no-caffeine Coke (which I don’t drink much of anyway — maybe two-three 12-ounce cans a week)
No episodes (to speak of — or they drifted away) since I stopped the calcium-blocker blood-pressure medication, so I went back to half decaf half caffeinated. Seems the caffeine never had much effect anyway — about the onliest time it does, is if I eat mega-chocolate cake for supper dessert; which I’ve learned to not do. Such stuff would keep me awake, as would caffeinated Coke. Eating out for supper it’s decaf.
Why I keep drinking coffee is the flavor. I’m not effected by a caffeine-hit (I guess) — except before bed.
My advice, Hazmat, is make the stuff yourself. Of course if a Dunks is on your way to work, do that.
The advantage to making it yourself is that you can make it a strong as you like — which is what I do; half decaf half caffeinated. And I’m buying it, and grinding it, at mighty Weggers; a premium blend. I’m drinking probably the equivalent of 3-4 cups