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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beer and Codpieces

Yesterday was a magnificent day - it was in the 50's here in Boston after a long arctic stretch of freezingness. And more importantly, yesterday consisted of good company, cheeseburgers, free beer, more free beer, still more free beer, and then oiled up bronzed warriors in leather man-panties.

Bryan and I went on the Sam Adam's Brewery tour with my cousin Ali and her boyfriend Luke.

The tour was informative and did I mention there was free beer? Then we went over to Fenway and got a massive cheeseburger lunch at a nearby establishment at which we got more beer. After that we went to see 300. The movie itself kicked so much ass that there's very little ass left to kick in this world. And few things beat a chiseled, half naked warrior guy with a Scottish accent. Except for the fact that this day included MUCH free beer to boot! Then we came home and watched the history channel's Dark Ages - yet more barbarians - and ate cookies. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Seriously, what a fantastic day!!


AL (da cuz) said...

What a glorious day - beer and a half-naked scottish dude. Hey, did you hear the Iranian government/media are in a tizzy over 300's portryal of the Persians? Apparently they didn't get the memo is NOT supposed to be historically accurate, and in fact it's only goal is to kick-ass!

Matt said...

The History Channel's show on the Dark Ages rocked! I don't need to say more!