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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meep Day Plunder

Bryan and I don't celebrate Valentines Day. (We just clean up on the clearance chocolate the week afterward!) Instead of telling each other "I Love You" with standard gifts on a day when commercial society tells us to, we usually watch an ass-kickin' movie like Army of Darkness and drink beer on Valentines Day. This year we also spent Valentines Day shovelling our cars out of ice-covered snow ... how romantic!

Instead of Valentines Day, we have our own, idiotic, nonsensical holiday that we celebrate the weekend before Valentines Day ... Meep Day. On Meep Day, we eat and drink till we burst and then give each other hand made gifts. It's something we plan on celebrating every year for the rest of our lives. Meep Day is all about the creativity and the love - and because you make the gifts yourself, it's usually cheap too.

This year, I made Bryan a cake in the shape of the Death Star. It kicked major ass and was filled with pudding. And I thought for sure I would have bested him - but he surprised me.

Kick-Ass Death Star Cake sculpted by Marcy

He bent the rules a little bit in the spirit of Meep Day - and got this fantastic trunk to hold all of our future and past Meep Day Plunder in. He inscribed it with a sweet note that made me get all teary-eyed.

The Meep Trunk - the past, present and future of Meep Day

Meep Day will be a tradition that we will carry on with our (wwaaaayyy in the future) children, and all the future Meep creations we can fit will wind up in this cool trunk. This was acceptable bending of the rules and the thoughtful boy should be commended.

Now I just have to think up something even cooler for next year ...


Captain Canuck said...

I forgot to tell you on Sunday that the trunk is awesome and the cake looks (inter)galactically delicious :)

Marcy L. Dewey said...

Thanks, Captain!
You rule!
You have to send me the link to your myspace page!

:-) mld