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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 Minutes in MySpace

So tonight I decided to try out MySpace.
In truth, I've been curious about it, but then when I actually go and explore MySpace, I am reminded why I never signed up - it makes absolutely no sense to me. There's things flashing and music that you can't get to stop and lots of pictures next to people's comments that wrote things like "OMG, like U R totally right" and "What R U doin this wkknd?" (Um, how about calling and use vocal chords and grammar?)
Was it peer pressure? Society wearing me down? Vanity? Not really. Honestly, It was because I wanted to be able to see my cousin's page which is for members only. But I don't want to be a member! But she's my cousin and she's cool. So I filled out a profile, uploaded a picture, and then looked at my new MySpace page ... with the feeling of, "Okay, well, I've done that on Blogger, where things seem much more structured and organized and, I don't know, relevant?" (Granted, it's not like I use Blogger to calculate nanophysics or cure diseases. But still...)
Every MySpace page I look at just seems to make as much sense to me as Paula Abdul on any given episode of American Idol - which is to say, it makes no sense, and now I'll elbow Simon with my eyes half closed and a dopey grin on my face. Perhaps it's because I fall into that space between Gen X and Gen Y - not really one or the other. I'm Gen Me, I guess. And I was on MySpace for a grand total of 10 minutes.
So, I cancelled my MySpace account, and MySpace asked me why. I wrote this:
I find these pages to be confusing and kind of pointless. I think I'll stick to Blogger.
Now I'm going to read something thinky to balance out my time online tonight.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Oh well- to each their own. I prefer face-to-face conversation over MySpace, Facebook, Blogging, AIM, E-mail, Friendster, MSN Messenger... Holy crap, how many electronic ways of communication have we as a society come up with?!? If only we could come up wtih as many options for curing diseases or fighting poverty...

ANYWAYS, (tangent alert) I guess the many options just go to show how much people want to stay in touch despite our distances from eachother. Now if we could just figure out teleportation...

AL said...

Hey, how did I become anonymus? I suck at all things technical. Reason #2 for teleportation, therefore eradicating my need for the internet as a means of communication... wait, teleportation would be technical too. BAH!

Donna said...

OK Why am I the only one who understands Paula Abdul? How confusing is it to hear, "You definately belong in this competition." after every song. Granted it's not really judging but that's what Simon and Randy do!

I don't get MySpace either. But I do know they just took it out of all of the public libraries here in Raleigh because too many people were using it as a gateway to porn. Now really, if you are going to look at porn, wouldn't you rather do it in private than in a public library? Or spend a whole $3.50 and go buy the flippin magazine? Geez people! But do get back to the point (point? huh?) MySpace can be a bit of a sensory overload. Just my 2 cents. Though I've only been on it once to view someone's website who was an ex-friend of a friend and I didn't really understand any of it. Confusing right?

Segway - Congratulations to Bryan on getting your dream job. May it be all you hope it to be!!!