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Friday, January 26, 2007

Shameless Plug

Happy Friday, everyone!

(OK, so it's -10 degrees out. But coffee is warm, so grab some and start rejoicing in the Fridayness of today!)

So I'm trying to breathe new life into our writers' group, The No-Talent Hacks. I re-vamped our blog and have started a couple new things in motion. So if you happen upon this post, and haven' t been to the shadowy realms of The No-Talent Hacks blog, it's that link right over there to your right. Check it out, and leave some feedback. You can even participate in the weekly writers group assignment - just leave your story as a comment!

We writers types are more prolific and entertaining when we have feedback. So feel free to drop us a note or join in the fun over at Hack central!

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