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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Random Thoughts and a Hazmat Poll

Here’s a couple of things I was thinking about today.

*** I have a Bruce Campbell as Ash (complete with chainsaw hand) bobblehead on my desk. It’s kind of a funny place for a bobblehead because it never really gets to bobble. Except when I bash my kneecap on my desk by accident. Which surprisingly, (or perhaps not so surprisingly if you know me well) happens quite often. So perhaps it is, indeed, a good place for a bobblehead. Either way, it entrances most geeks who happen by my desk … It’s like a scepter of power I wield as Queen of the Geek People. I have yet to see anyone bow before it though, so perhaps I should hold off on the coronation.

*** I think some offices would greatly benefit from having resident pets. I would be so much more productive if I could have a happy, purring cat curled up in my lap while working on Excel spreadsheets. And I know plenty of dog lovers who would second that motion for dogs around the office. And the whole allergy thing? Solved. One branch of office for dog people, one for cats, and one for people who can’t handle furry creatures that has walls lined with tropical fish tanks. With the internet and fancy phone gadgets and doo-dads and conference calls there’s no reason these branches couldn’t coexist productively.

*** And here’s a very important question for the reader(s) of this fine blog:

If I were to put an original choose your own adventure comic strip on this blog, would you:

A.) read it, and
B.) participate in the choosing of said adventure?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then answer the next question in a comment below:

C.) What kind of adventure in said original comic would you love to see? Scifi? Sword and sorcery? Pirates? Ninjas? All of the above? Your feedback, PLEASE. Savvy?

Please post your yays or nays in the comments on this particular blog post.


Marcy L. Dewey said...

OOh! A choose-your-own-adventure weekly comic! That's a great idea! What does everyone else think?!?

Bryan Mahoney said...

Oh Sweet! I love LOVE LOVE choose your own adventures!!!!!

I think pirates is great. You know what would be better? SPACE pirates!!!

Anonymous said...

OK if I get to choose I would have space pirates who go through a worm hole and end up in a fantasy world with magic and castles and dungeons, but then you get the best of all worlds with dragons and cools space monsters too! BFF.

Marcy L. Dewey said...

Donna, you seriously need to lay off those Dungeons and Dragons cartoon DVDs!


LDW! said...

Ninja pirate zombie clowns.

The musical.

Matt said...

Uh... let me think .... HECK YEAH. I like choices!