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Monday, January 08, 2007

Impromptu Book Review

It's time for an impromptu book review, brought about by the sheer delight I've experienced with the book I'm currently reading.

I’m reading a book of short stories by my favorite author, Patricia A. McKillip. It’s called “Harrowing the Dragon” and I very highly recommend it to anyone – even if you aren’t a fantasy reader like me. I’ve read all of her novels except for two, and this is the first group of her short stories that I’ve read. It’s like a lovely assortment of decadent chocolates - I want to devour the book all at once, but the short stories are so much better savored one at a time.

I’ve always loved her writing – it’s like reading a tapestry in a high definition screen in 3D complete with smell and taste-o-vision. There are so many beautiful levels in her stories that appeal to every one of the human senses – even the sixth sense. I always come away from reading her stories believing there may be magic anywhere. Every shadow, everyday things that are shaped like creatures in twilight, every wispy cloud in the sky that is shaped vaguely like something familiar, every quick thing moving out of the corner of your eye that is gone when you actually look…after reading one of Patricia McKillip’s books you can’t help but find magic in the everyday. She really has a gift for her craft. That is her magic!

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