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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Frostingy Goodness

Bryan and I made cookies the other night - full of the holiday spirit while watching Smackdown. Nothing like a triple threat match for the world heavyweight championship belt to make you wanna deck the halls!

The odd displaced feeling from moving to a new state and city is starting to wear off, and Boston is starting to feel like home. We love our neighborhood - there are lots of cool shops and restaurants, and (with the exception of the downstairs lady who is opposed to the sound of my shoes but not so much opposed to yelling loudly at her man who lives with her) we have had a warm welcome from the other tenants in our building. I'm sure after the excitement of holiday travel fades and we hunker down into January winter, we'll be fully integrated into our new environment. If winter ever gets here - it was almost 70 degrees out on Friday!

Well - time for a snack. Bring to me the cookies!!!

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