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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The 12 Road Trip Moments of Christmas

12 – Pounds I plan to gain from cookies and nog
11 – Times we have to stop to pee on the drive home
10 – Times a minute I gaze at my new ring and find something new that makes it sparkle
9 – Times I will let the Carpenters’ Christmas CD cycle on repeat before I change CD’s
8 – More pounds I plan to gain because the Thruway only offers McDonalds as a food option – WHASSUPWITHAT??
7 – Hours the drive is from Arlington MA to Buffalo NY
6 – Cops we usually see shooting radar between Arlington and Albany
5 – Mad Libs we usually do per leg of trip
4 – Times I call the answering machine over the weekend thinking my cat will pick up the phone and tell me he’s doing fine without me. Damn lack of opposable thumbs!
3 – French Hens
2 – Geeks in a car doing 80 bound for home and hearth
1 – Big hearty Merry Christmas to everyone from the Hazmat Crew

1 comment:

Garvey said...

it's a known fact that engagement rings look best under the HSBC Arena lights. Try it. It's true.