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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Feast On This!

Things I'm looking forward to on this
Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Food, Folks and Fun: Well, duh, but it had to be said. The most important parts of the holiday are the things we truly give thanks for: The people who are most important to us. Feasting until we puke and then feasting some more. And perhaps a champion scrabble tournament. Winner take all the leftovers!

2. Bring in the Yule, Bring in the funk: Forget what these idiotic capitalist retailers tell you - Christmas music and decorations should NOT make their appearance until AFTER Thanksgiving. To hear the Carpenters Christmas songs before Black Friday is absurd and wrong and I refuse to sing along. Thanksgiving is its own holiday! And idiot retailers are trying to make it "Christmas Part 1." I say no! Don't let them! Make the Yuletide stand on its own two feet - or stockings - or tree trunks. Power to the turkey! Yams off the starboard bow! Pumpkin Pie Ahoy!! I look forward to enjoying this Thursday's feastalicious holiday - and then puttin' up my Yule tree on Sunday! And THEN breaking out the Carpenters and John Denver/Muppets! AFTER Thanksgiving!!

3. ROAD TRIP! This will be our first road trip since becoming Massachusetts residents. Party on! Some Mad Libs, Chieftains and Reggae CD's, Pringles, Gatorade, gummi bears, and chocolate and we're ready to hit the road!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. And remember - resist the man! Make Thanksgiving its own holiday and feast till you burst!

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Garvey said...

no road trip is complete without swedish fish.